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Lieutenant William C. Fuller

Lt. William C. “Barker” Fuller spent 44 years with the Ashland Fire Department. As a child, he got to experience firefighting by riding with his dad. Lt. Fuller continued the family tradition of firefighting like his father and grandfather. 

Where did Lt. Fuller get his nickname from?  When he worked for the gas company, he had a tendency to “bark” out to get his co-workers' attention. 

Lt. Fuller worked full-time for the Worcester Gas & Light Company. An opportunity for a career firefighting position opened up, and with the blessing of his wife Sylvia, he made the decision to change careers and go for the position and begin what would be a long, and successful career with the Ashland fire Department. Lt Fuller played an important role in the PFFM throughout his career and represented Local 1893 at many conferences.  

Lt. Fuller passed in 2000 at the young age of 64 after a long battle of prostate cancer. We continue to honor Lt. Fuller’s life and career by putting on this tournament in his memory every year.

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